Tuesday, February 17, 2009

TV Smorgasbord!!

Its been a long time since I've talked about tv or movies so I'm past due.

1) The Office--This show is hilarious!! You can't help but love all the different characters on the show. You love Pam and Jim, you enjoy Jim's pranks on Dwight and most of the time you want to strangle Michael for being socially challenged.

2) Lost--I'm getting a little frustrated. Just when they give you answers, they bring up other issues that you don't have answers for. Also, Kate and Sawyer are still separated. Sawyer hasn’t given anyone a new nickname in awhile, and most importantly, he’s been wearing a shirt too much lately ;-)).

3) 24--After the last season being a little disappointing, this year's is back on track. I love the fact that there is a woman president. At first I wasn't that thrilled with her, but when she stood strong against appeasing terrorists, I was impressed.

4) Grey's Anatomy--Once again, like any good show, you love all the characters on it. Its amazing how well Patrick Dempsey carries himself as McDreamy. Who would've thought that the nerd from "Cant Buy Me Love" would end up being attractive enough to have the nickname McDreamy. I'm also really starting to like McSteamy, especially with how he connects with Lexi.

5) Private Practice--This show is a spin-off from Grey's Anatomy. Usually, spin-offs are a kiss of death, but this one has been great.

6) American Idol--The judges made their final decisions last week on who they had picked to actually make it on the show. I haven't picked any favorites yet, but I do have several that I can already tell will be extremely annoying.

7) Amazing Race--This is one reality show that I'd actually like to do. A friend and I have considered trying to enter. This season there is a deaf person on a team. Their team came in first for this leg of the race.

8) Survivor--I don't think I could make it on this show. I wouldn't be able to handle many of the things that they put people through.

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