Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Becoming Jane

As most of you know I am a HUGE Jane Austen fan. I have seen the movies: Sense and Sensibility, Pride and Prejudice, Emma and Persuasion so many times that I probably have them memorized. I also have the movie Mansfield Park but it is my least favorite. Austen's other book Northanger Abbey has yet to have a decent movie done on it, I saw a BBC version once and it was horrible. I have read the actual books of my 4 favorites but have yet to read the other 2.

For my birthday a friend took me to see the movie, Becoming Jane which is a movie about her real life and romance. At first when I watched the movie I was confused because they were having her life be similar to Pride and Prejudice and I had always heard that her story was similar to Persuasion.

So when I got home I did some research. I found out that she had 2 different romances and one of them was similar to Pride and Prejudice and the other to Persuasion which made it all make sense. Jane's sister, Charlotte destroyed most of their letters so little is known about how serious either of these romances were.

What I found fascinating is that without even thinking about it I had always pictured Jane Austen to be very like the heroine Elizabeth Bennett from Pride and Prejudice. And that is how the movie portrays her so that was very encouraging to me because it fit what my perception of her was.

Of course, the movie on her real life doesn't necessarily have a happy ending (at least romantically) like her novels do. Neither of her romances worked out and she died at the age of 41, unmarried. She also died without having a clue how extremely popular her novels would really become.

Yet, the movie was good because it was the true story about a woman fulfilling her dream of being a writer when women didn't have professions back then and didn't make their living by being a writer. She also did have a marriage proposal from someone whom she didn't love but who had money and she didn't settle for him. She was above settling and was willing to make her own way in the world. That is hard enough to do today let alone back then when it was unheard of.

It is a great movie and I highly recommend it, 2 thumbs up!!

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