Sunday, March 31, 2019

KC Mayoral Race 2019

Photo Credit: Flatland
Everybody is campaigning on neighborhoods, infrastructure, and housing and that's because they were neglected for the past 4 years.~Alissia Canady
There are 11 men and women running for Kansas City Mayor.  I've read a lot about about the candidates, and then I watched the Mayoral Debate on KCPT.

The debate was interesting because you get one impression reading about a candidate, and another seeing them in person.

A recent poll shows that 44% of the voting electorate is still undecided.  Hopefully, this post will help.

I'm going to share the following on each of the candidates:
-A word or phrase to describe my impression of them during the debate
-A link to their website
-A link to their guest commentaries that they wrote for the KC Star (if they wrote one)
-Melinda Henneberger's profile on each of them
-Each candidate was asked this question at the the end of the debate--What would you like to be best remembered for as Mayor of KC?-I give each of their answers
-My overall thoughts on them
-Any concerns that have come up about them
(The above photo is a compilation of some of the MANY fliers I've received)

THE CITY COUNCIL CANDIDATES (the 1st 6 candidates listed below are all on the City Council):

1) Alissia Canady
When she brags, it’s about her gold-plated work ethic and how she put herself through college as a nail tech with her own small business. It took her nine years to get that finance degree, and then she sold real estate before attending the University of South Dakota Law School, where she was one of only three African-American students.~Melinda Henneberger
-Debate description~Passion 
-Best remembered during their time as mayor~KC was a city where you would want to raise a family and start and grow a business.
- Profile
My thoughts~I like what I've read about her and she stood out in a great way at the debate.  I was impressed with her knowledge and handle on the issues. 
2) Quinton Lucas
Demolition is not a housing policy.~Quinton Lucas
-Debate description~Strong
-Best remembered during their time as mayor~There was a sustained decline in violent crime.
-Guest Commentary
My thoughts~Quinton's profile was the first one I read and I was impressed by his inspirational life story.  I was a little disappointed by his guest commentary, but he came across well at the debate.

Concern~He received a DUI back in October for being under the influence, while in his parked car.  He has given a good explanation that he was waiting until he was sober to drive.  I lean toward believing his explanation.
3) Jermaine Reed
“He never gives up no matter what anybody says,” says his friend Melissa Robinson. “He always has a positive outlook on what could be.”~Henneberger profile
-Debate description~Technology advocate
-Best Remembered for as mayor~He helped and improved the quality of life for every citizen.
-Guest Commentary
My thoughts~He gave the best answer at the debate for dealing with potholes.  I LOVE his idea about using an app for 24 hour turn around time and other smart technology for potholes and other city services.

I thought it was somewhat annoying when he lectured the debate audience for what he termed "heckling candidates".

Concern~He claimed on his website that he had a Master's Degree, but UMKC said he attended there but never completed it.  Reed claims that he didn't finish one assignment, and that it was a "technicality", which he is rectifying.  I hate to quibble over a "technicality", because Reed also has an inspirational life story and was the first one in his family to graduate from college.  But I also find it odd that he overlooked something as important as receiving his Master's Degree.
4) Scott Wagner~Deputy Mayor Pro Tem
...He is one of the most straightforward mayoral candidates, and the wonkiest. In Washington, calling yourself a wonk is the ultimate humblebrag, because that’s what everyone wants to be. In Kansas City, that’s less the case, but there’s still a Midwesterner’s version of swagger in his apologies for getting “nerdy.”~Melinda Henneberger
-Debate description~Funny and Concise
-Best remembered for as mayor~Someone who gave neighborhoods a voice.

Read more here:
-Guest Commentary
My thoughts~I liked him more than I thought I would.  He portrayed a firm command of the issues and loves Harry Truman.
5) Jolie Justus
From her time in the state Senate, Justus is proudest of legislation that protects victims of domestic violence from having their addresses made public, and of sponsoring an overhaul of the criminal code.~Melinda Henneberger
-Debate description~Knowledgeable
-Best Remembered during their time as mayor~KC would make the list of cities for innovative housing policies, transportation policies and making sure we are ready for climate resiliency.
-Guest Commentary
ad more here:
My thoughts~She came across as someone who knew what she was talking about.

Concern~She was endorsed by Emily's List.  While I'm aware that almost all of the candidates are pro-choice Democrats, as a pro-life woman this bothers me that they see her as an advocate for them.
6) Scott Taylor
Among the candidates for mayor of Kansas City, what sets me apart most are my good judgment and my hands-on leadership abilities.~Scott Taylor
-Debate description~Not Impressed
-Best remembered for as mayor~He brought revitalization east of Troost.
-Guest Commentary
My thoughts~He didn't come across well at the debate.  My guess, from what I've read about him, is that maybe he is more of a doer than a speaker.  The problem is, to be mayor of a large city, you need to be both.

7) Steve Miller
Let’s be honest: The root cause of the pothole crisis is years of the City Council diverting tax dollars from the city’s road maintenance program to other uses.~Steve Miller
-Debate description~Slightly condescending and arrogant
-Best remembered during their time as mayor~KC had inclusive prosperity.
-Guest Commentary
My thoughts~He was the biggest surprise for me.  I knew he was polling well and had read good things about him before the debate.  Yet, in watching him during the debate he came across as a little arrogant.  I liked what he wrote in his guest commentary about dealing with the potholes, but he didn't have much else to contribute.
8) Phil Glynn
He’s running, he says, to address a murder rate that’s unacceptably high, affordable housing that’s in unacceptably short supply and a “transportation system that does not get people to work. If people want a continuation of the status quo, there are several other candidates to choose from.”~Henneberger profile
-Debate description~He didn't stand out
-Best remembered for as mayor~The man who excelled at workforce development.
-Guest Commentary
My thoughts~I loved what he had to say in his guest commentary.  He didn't make a bad impression at the debate but he didn't stand out.  I was at a loss for a word to describe his performance.  I don't think this is his time, but he has future potential.
9-11) Henry Klein, Clay Chastain & Vincent Lee aka "The General"
-These 3 didn't poll well enough to make it to the debate stage.
-Henneberger did one profile on all 3
I’m asking for you to help me fight for lost causes, because the impossible happens every day.~Henry Klein

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