Thursday, August 09, 2018

Missouri's August 7th Primary Election Results

--I would've done an endorsement post like I've done in previous elections, but I was out of town at the MBA Radio Talent Institute.

Go here, to find complete election results for Missouri and Kansas.

What I was excited about:
1) Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley won the Republican primary for U.S. Senator.

Claire McCaskill first won the senate seat back in 2006.  I worked my tail off volunteering for Jim Talent that year. So it was a big blow and loss for me when he lost to Claire McCaskill.

In 2012, we had the disaster that was Todd Akin.  So, my hopes are high that Hawley will finally be able to take back the senate seat.

2) Jerry Nolte won the race for Presiding Commissioner.  I know Nolte personally and have worked for him, so was glad that he came out the winner.

3) Sarah Mills won the Republican nomination (she didn't have an opponent) for state representative in the 18th district.  I always joke that I live in the only district in Clay County that doesn't have a Republican state representative.  So, I was excited to see that we are finally going to have a great candidate running this year.  
What I found disappointing:
Proposition A didn't pass.  I worked on efforts to pass Right to Work in 2016.  We had some successes and then a Right to Work law was passed and signed by the Governor.  The Unions obviously did a good job of mobilizing their people and getting them out to vote. 

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