Saturday, October 31, 2015

A Review of 41: A Portrait of my Father

1st--I ended up liking this book a lot more than I thought I would. I wasn't paying attention to current events when George Bush Sr. was president. As a result, my view of him was tainted by the few facts that I heard about him from various sources.

2nd--I was impressed with Bush Sr. once I saw him as a whole man--the way he lived his life, his character, the jobs he took and his principles. The Bush family was admirable as well.

3rd--I loved getting the unique perspective of a presidential son of his presidential father. It was neat to have him compare different events in both of their presidencies, and how they affected him and his father. As George W. Bush brings up, historian David McCullough said he would've loved to have read a book written by John Quincy Adams about his father, John Adams.

4th--I love George W. Bush and think he was an amazing president. I enjoyed hearing him read this audio book himself.

Friday, October 30, 2015

Paul Ryan Becomes the 54th Speaker of the House!

So after all the meshugas on the right over the past few years, the Republicans could wind up with two new leaders going into this election, Marco Rubio and Paul Ryan. That’s a pretty excellent outcome for a party that has shown an amazing tendency to inflict self-harm.

Ryan is the new House speaker and right now Rubio is the most likely presidential nominee. The shape of the presidential campaign is coming into focus. It’s still wise to expect (pray) that the celebrity candidates will fade as the shopping phase ends and the buying phase begins.~David Brooks
-I've been a huge Paul Ryan fan for a long time.  I used to live in Wisconsin, and was so impressed to see such a strong conservative get elected there.

-I was excited when Romney put him on the ticket in 2012.  If only the VP picks could've saved the actual candidates in both 2008 and 2012.

-So, when it looked like Ryan was going to get the speaker job, I was happy.  It sounds like a grueling job to have, but I think Ryan could actually make a positive difference.
My friends, you have done me a great honor. The people of this country, they have done all of us a great honor. Now let’s prove ourselves worthy of it.~Paul Ryan

-The above video gives a small glimpse of his character.

Ryan's plans:
Before Ryan embarks on some of his legislative goals — tax and welfare reform, for example — he'll face the task of following through on his promises to the rank and file. To prove he’s serious about reforming the institution, Ryan is embarking on an overhaul of internal House procedures, restructuring a powerful committee that selects committee assignments. Ryan has told his colleagues that he plans to rewrite internal institutional rules by the end of the year, with the help of the entire House Republican Conference.
-I look forward to the future with Ryan as speaker of the House and hopefully, with Rubio as the Republican nominee for president.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

October 28th GOP CNBC Debate!

All the Republicans came out to play hard tonight but Senator Marco Rubio and Governor John Kasich clearly won—but for two different reasons. Rubio weathered very tough attacks with facts, passion and style.~John Zogby
Marco Ru­bio knocked just about every ques­tion he faced at the third Re­pub­lic­an pres­id­en­tial de­bate out of the park, wheth­er it was from the CN­BC mod­er­at­ors or from one of his rivals. The Flor­ida sen­at­or re­gistered a clean coun­ter­punch against Jeb Bush, one of his top com­pet­it­ors, and he lam­basted one of con­ser­vat­ives’ fa­vor­ite punch­ing bags, the main­stream me­dia.
All the while, Ru­bio suc­cess­fully de­flec­ted some of the most com­mon cri­ti­cisms he’s en­countered on the cam­paign trail: namely, his sparse con­gres­sion­al at­tend­ance re­cord and the hand­ling of his per­son­al fin­ances. And the audi­ence took no­tice, of­ten re­spond­ing with re­sound­ing ap­plause or even laughter.~Adam Wollner
-I had a lot of competing TV choices tonight.  The World Series with my Kansas City Royals was on, my kids and I always watch Survivor, and then for this political junkie, I had to watch the GOP Debate.

-To be honest, the main reason I was excited to watch, was to see my guy Rubio do well, and he never disappoints.

-CNBC showed their true colors in how they ran the debate, the moderators were condescending, extremely biased and didn't control the debate well at all.  They tried to pit the Republicans against one another, but it backfired.  It seemed to unite the Republicans and enabled Rubio and others to shine in light of it.

Rubio had some amazing moments tonight, and there are quite a few video clips that show just how well he knocked it out of the park.

1) The truth about candidates missing votes while running for president!  The above clip shows exactly what Zogby was talking about, Rubio responded to the moderator and to Jeb with "facts, passion and style".

-Jeb blew it when he tried to pile on, Rubio mopped the floor with him, and this might be the final nail in Jeb's coffin.

2) The truth about Rubio's tax plan!  John Harwood proved he was an idiot by using incorrect information about Rubio's tax plan, that he HIMSELF had to correct 2 weeks ago, wow!!  Below is the correction:
The best quotes of the night from Rubio:
The democrats have the ultimate Super PAC- it's called the main stream media.

The more you tax something, the less of it you get.

We have 11 good candidates on this stage, the Democrats can't even come up with ONE.

I'm against anything bad for my mother.
The best quotes from others:
The questions asked so far in this debate illustrate why the American people don’t trust the media. This is not a cage match.~Ted Cruz

Do you want me to answer or do you want to answer? Because I got to tell you the truth, even in New Jersey what you’re doing is called rude.~Chris Christie

Folks, we’ve got to wake up. We cannot elect somebody that doesn’t know how to do the job.~John Kasich

I may not be your dream candidate, just yet, but I can assure you: I am Hillary Clinton’s worse nightmare.~Carly Fiorina
Some great articles about the debate:
-The 15 most explosive moments of the GOP debate

-Marco Rubio made a big splash at the third GOP debate

-Is Marco Rubio's Breakout Debate Win Enough to Oust the Outsider Candidates?

-Who Won the Third Republican Presidential Debate? 
In Conclusion, Bill Kristol sums up the debate and the World Series game in one short tweet:

Friday, October 23, 2015

First Lady Profile #8--Martha Washington!

Painstaking research reveals a delightful, intelligent, and passionate woman who shared a life of mutual love and support with the country's foremost founding father.--Patricia Brady
-I am a big history buff when it comes to the presidents and first ladies.  I embarked on this first ladies series awhile ago, and since then I've discovered C-Span's series on the First Ladies.  This has given me a renewed desire to dig even deeper and read numerous books on each first lady.

-I am watching the C-Span profile on each first lady, and then reading books on each of them.  I also bought the book on the first ladies which is a companion piece for the C-Span series.

-I have always known a lot about George Washington and very little about Martha.  I have been impressed by what I have learned about her and it has greatly increased my respect for her.

-As I read about her, I was struck by how much she loved both of her husbands, and her children, and not just her biological children, but the many children she took on as her own throughout her life.

-She also was very smart and was considered a "great catch" when George married her.  She was the perfect woman to be the first "first lady".

-She was born on June 2, 1731 on a plantation near Williamsburg, Virginia.  She was the oldest of 9 children and went by Patsy.
-She was 18 when she married Daniel Parke Custis on May 15, 1750.  She had 4 children with him: Daniel, Frances, John, and Martha.
-Daniel and Frances died in childhood, and her husband Daniel died in 1757.  Martha was a rich widow at age 25 with 2 children.
From the time Martha first gave birth at eighteen or nineteen, she was a really wonderful mother.  She doted on her children, her grandchildren, her nieces and nephews.  During the war with the young officers, young aides-de-camp, she was more or less like a housemother at a fraternity; she looked after these young men...Forever afterword, the young men of those days remembered her as their foster mother.--Patricia Brady  
-She married George Washington when they were both 27, and George helped raise her children.
-Her daughter Martha (who also was known as Patsy), had epilepsy and died during a seizure while she was a teenager.
-Her son John (known as Jacky) married and had 4 children.  He died during the Revolutionary War from typhus.  George and Martha raised 2 of his children after his death, Eleanor and George.
George Washington was the indispensable man to the success of the American Revolution, and Martha Washington was the indispensable woman to him. He could bear all those years away from home, creating a national army, because she spent part of every year with him, no matter how awful the conditions in camp might be. 
Their mutual love, confidence, and support helped keep him going in the face of every disappointment, setback, and defeat.  Every year she made a home for him, where he could rest and refresh his spirits until it was time to go back in the field another time, for however long it took to win the war.  Out of those eight and a half years he spent in command of thMe army, she was with him for nearly five, more than half the war, in stays ranging from three to ten months.  Martha was truly the secret weapon of the American Revolution.--Patricia Brady
-During the Revolutionary War, George and Martha could not bear to be apart, so Martha always traveled to be with him for several months out of the year.
-During George's two terms as president, Martha was a great example of what a first lady should be like.  Abigail Adams was in awe of her.
She talked about how the experience of her life had taught her that 'our happiness or misery depends upon our disposition and not our circumstances.'  That is a remarkably wise observation, but it's an observation distilled from a life full of tragedy.  She'd lost a husband, she lost all four of her children, she lost countless nieces and nephews, and then she found herself repeatedly uprooted from the life she expected, to follow George either on the battlefield, or on a different kind of battlefield.--Richard Norton Smith
-She died on May 22, 1802 at the age of 70.

My Martha Washington Books:
-Martha Dandridge Custis Washington--Charnan Simon
-Lady Washington--Dorothy Clarke Wilson
-Martha Washington--Patricia Brady
-First Ladies: Presidential Historians on the Lives of 45 Iconic American Women--Susan Swain & C-Span
-Mount Vernon Love Story: A Novel of George & Martha Washington--Mary Higgins Clark
-America's First Ladies--Diana Dixon Healy
-First Ladies--Betty Boyd Caroli
-First Ladies of the White House--Nancy J. Skarmeas

Previous Profiles:
-Eleanor Roosevelt
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-Louisa Adams
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-Lucretia Garfield 
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Thursday, October 22, 2015

Trump Questions!

-Will Trump ever fade?

-Will Trump ever get more than 28% support among Republicans?

-What will it take for the 28% to stop supporting Trump?
At Red State, Leon Wolf asked just that.  He replied with this:
I ask because I would have thought that being a repeat donor to Clinton and other Democrats might have been that point for principled conservatives.

I ask because I would have thought that using Michael Moore’s talking points on 9/11 might have been that point for principled conservatives.

I would have thought that defending federal funding of Planned Parenthood might have been that point for principled conservatives.

I would have thought that adopting Democrat rhetoric on the need to raise taxes on the wealthy might have been that point for principled conservatives.

I would have thought that publicly professing a love for eminent domain might have been that point for principled conservatives.

I haven’t even gotten into the insanely liberal things Trump said and did before he decided to run for President, because apparently being an unprincipled and opportunistic flip flopper only bothers principled conservatives when the candidate in question is Mitt Romney. It doesn’t even apparently matter that The Donald’s immigration stance is likewise a transparent flip flop from what he said as recently as 2013.
-Why are people like Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity not criticizing him?

-Why are people like Ann Coulter and Mark Levin supporting him?  
Coulter actually said Trump could perform abortions in the White House as long as he stuck to his stance on immigration.  She was trying to be her normal satiric self, but I found that analogy horrifying.  We are willing to sell out all our other beliefs as long as Trump is good on immigration??  And what guarantee do we have that he won't change his stance right after being elected.  Rush has always said moderates were people that would stick their finger in the air to see which way the wind was blowing.  That describes Trump to a tee.  Coulter has permanently lost my support.  I was a huge fan of hers for years, but this just pushed me over the edge.

-Am I establishment because I can't stand Trump?
I don't think I am, I'm a principled conservative who supports candidates that are conservative as a whole and likely to get elected.  That's why I don't get conservatives that I have admired for years cowtowing to him.  It blows my mind.
-What are the top things that have ticked me off about Trump?
1) Right out of the gate he attacked POWs for getting captured during a war.  Who does that?  I don't even see Democrats saying something that stupid.
2) He attacks a woman moderator at a debate and has a track record of attacking women.
3) He blamed Bush for 9/11.  I can't tell you how much this pisses me off.  What kind of jackass says this???
4) He has no conservative framework or center.  He just spouts off what comes to him in the moment.  He has changed his mind on numerous important issues constantly and recently.  Sean Hannity went after Obama's past by digging up the stuff about Ayers, etc..  Yet, when asked by Glenn Beck why Trump's past didn't matter, Hannity just said it was what he was saying now that was important.
-Why are people supporting Trump when we finally have some great Republican candidates this time around?

I have always admired people who speak their minds and don't care what others think.  Yet, that doesn't extend to being a jackass.  He reminds me of Jesse Ventura who flamed out quickly, hopefully Trump does the same.  I just hope that the Republican party and some of its' biggest power players don't get destroyed in the aftermath.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Back to the Future--October 21, 2015

October 21, 2015--Back to the Future Day

-30 years ago I went to the movie theater to see Back to the Future.  I was 15 years old and a huge Michael J. Fox fan.

-Tonight, I went with 3 of my kids to see the movie, and my youngest son is 15, it was kind of cool.

-The significance of today's date, October 21, 2015, is because in the 2nd movie, they go to the future on October 21, 2015.

-It is hard to believe, when I was watching it, 2015 seemed like a long time away.

-I still love Huey Lewis and the News and I embarrassed my daughter by expressing my love for his music during the movie.

-While watching the 2nd movie tonight, I reflected on how history is skewed by Biff Tannen and his wealth.  As I saw the world descend into hell, I was struck by the similarities between Biff Tannen and Donald Trump.  I couldn't help but think we might be thrust into a similar hell if Trump is elected.
It turns out the character was actually based on Donald Trump, too funny!!

Some articles about the 30 year anniversary of the movies:
--10 Predictions that 'Back to the Future Part II' got right
--Huey Lewis Shares the Inspiration behind the Back to the Future anthem 'The Power of Love'
--Huey Lewis almost passed on going 'Back to the Future'
--'Back to the Future' cast reunites, flashes back to their monumental time together

October 21, 2015-Back to the Future Day