Tuesday, April 14, 2015

2016 Republican Presidential Hopefuls

As I said in my Rubio post, it is nice to finally have some good options this time around.  When I looked at the field of candidates in 2008 & 2012, it left me depressed.

This year we have some great picks, and as always some less appealing ones as well.  I will admit that my assessment of some of these is more of a gut check reaction.  Yet, I have found my gut to be pretty reliable.

1) My Favorites
Senator Marco Rubio--
I can't think of much that I don't like about him.  As I said in my post yesterday, he is a solid conservative, articulate about his views, a good sense of humor, optimistic, good looking, likeable and charming.

What sets him apart for me is that he is a solid conservative, he is strong when it comes to his foreign policy, and he has an attractive personality.  You don't win the presidency by being a moderate and by being boring, just ask Bob Dole, John McCain and Mitt Romney.

My only concern about Rubio is he doesn't have a ton of experience.

Governor Scott Walker--
Walker isn't as likeable as Rubio, but he does have an incredible track record and some great experience.  Who else has taken on the Unions and not only survived, but came out stronger?  He not only survived a recall election, but then won a second term.

He too is a solid conservative and a great governor.  A long time ago I thought Chris Christie was the same type of guy, but he turned out to be way too liberal.  Walker is a tough guy and a conservative, I like that A LOT!!

2) Acceptable Candidates
Governor John Kasich--
It isn't clear that Kasich is going to get in the race, and I'm not sure how much of a chance he has, but I have always really liked him.  He has great governor experience in the swing state of Ohio.  He is a fairly solid conservative.

Governor Mike Pence--
I love this guy, but don't think he will run.

Governor Jeb Bush--
I have always loved Jeb, even apart from him being W's brother.  But he is definitely too moderate for me.  That said, I wouldn't freak out if he ends up being the nominee.

3) People that I like, but don't think they have a chance
Dr. Ben Carson
Governor Bobby Jindal
Governor Rick Perry
Rick Santorum 
Carly Fiorina
Donald Trump--
He says he is seriously considering it this time.  He is a great businessman, and would do a much better job of running things than Hillary, but I don't see how he gets the conservative vote.

4) Not a Fan
Rand Paul--
He has several strikes against him.  He is Ron Paul's son, most of you know how I feel about Ron Paul.  I tried to give him a chance, but he is weak on foreign policy.  If you are going to be weak on foreign policy, we might as well have a Democrat in office.

Ted Cruz--
This is definitely a gut check problem for me, there is something about him that I just don't like.  Apparently, he is very popular among Evangelicals, well, not with this Evangelical he's not.  I watched his interview with Hannity after he announced he was getting in, and he didn't impress me at all.  I guess you could call it the Huckabee Syndrome--where a candidate makes your skin crawl.  I also don't think he has a prayer of getting the nomination.

Mike Huckabee--
I have been extremely open about my lack of support for both Ron Paul and Mike Huckabee on this blog.  I don't think Huckabee has a prayer of getting the nomination and would be shocked if he ran this time around.

Chris Christie--
When I first started learning about him, I was a big fan.  He stood up to the teacher's union and he reminded me of Rudy Giuliani.  But it wasn't long before he got cozy with Obama and did several other things that showed he was way too liberal.

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