Monday, November 03, 2014

Sample Missouri Ballot/Voter Guide for November 4th, 2014 Election!

-To view a sample ballot on what you will be voting for tomorrow, go here and put in your information.

-To view a Christian Voter Guide for your state, go here.  It has links to a bunch of great organizations.

-To view the Platte County GOP's recommendations for how to vote on the amendments, go here!

Judges up for election:
Missouri Supreme Court Judges appointed by Democrats:
-Laura Denvir Stith
-Paul Campbell Wilson

Court of Appeals Judges appointed by Democrats:
-Angela Turner Quigless (Eastern District)
-Lisa S. VanAmburg (Eastern District)
-Mary W. Sheffield (Southern District)
-Nancy Steffen Rahmeyer (Southern District)
-Lisa White Hardwick (Western District)
-Anthony Rex Gabbert (Western)

Circuit Judges appointed by Democrats
-James W. Van Amburg (Platte County)
-Janet Lee Sutton (Clay County)
-Karen Lee Krauser (Clay County)
-Kenneth R. Garrett, III (Jackson County)
-Patrick W. Campbell (Jackson County)
-John M. Torrence (Jackson County)
-Kevin Duane Harrell (Jackson County)
-Richard T. Standridge (Jackson County)
-Gregory Burnett Gillis (Jackson County)
-Twila Kay Rigby (Jackson)
-Mary Frances Weir (Jackson)
-Jeffrey L. Bushur (Jackson)

Circuit Judges appointed by Republicans
-David P. Chamberlain (Clay County)
-Robert M. Schieber (Jackson County)

My Personal Recommendations:
-I am voting straight Republican, even though I'm not crazy about a couple people. 

-I have looked at Missouri's Amendments and I agree with the Platte County GOP:
Voting Yes on Amendments 2 & 10
Voting No on Amendments 3 & 6

I always vote no on those appointed by Democrats and yes on those who are appointed by Republicans.

Important Sites:
Missouri Sample Ballot
Christian Voter Guide
Amendment Recommendations

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