Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The Way Forward--Paul Ryan!

--There are only a couple men that I've been in love with politically, and Paul Ryan is one of them.

--Back in 2010 I wrote a post entitled, I Heart Paul McRyan, I had this to say:
Yes, I had to take a page out of the playbook that was used to call Scott Brown, Hottie McAwesome!! McRyan has me smitten in more ways than one. He is the whole political package, and then some!!

If McRyan ever wants to run for President, I will be first in line to work on his campaign!!
--Here is a link to additional posts I've done on him.

--All this to say, I'm excited that he has come out with a memoir entitled, The Way Forward.  I will definitely be reading it in the near future.

--He starts his book tour today.   I wish I could see him at the Reagan Library in California on Aug. 28.  He will also appear Thursday at the Union League Club of Chicago for a book signing and discussion with Mitt Romney.

--The Wall Street Journal shares some highlights.   An excerpt about how he dealt with his dad's death:
While he certainly tried to fight it, my dad’s addiction eventually won out. Over time, it made him more distant, irritable, and stressed. Before I lost him to a heart attack, whiskey had washed away some of the best parts of the man I knew. … My father had died. My mom was alone. My siblings were grown and gone. And I remember thinking, What am I going to do? I decided right then and there that I needed to step up. The way I thought about it was “sink or swim,” and I decided I was going to swim like hell. I wouldn’t wallow. I wouldn’t let the sadness and self-pity pull me down.
--John Parkinson shares his notes from when he followed Ryan back in 2012, when he ran as VP with Mitt Romney.  He thinks Ryan is hinting at a run for President in 2016.

--Ryan's Hope 

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