Thursday, July 31, 2014

Jim Plunkett for Platte County Presiding Commissioner!

--Last night I made phone calls for Jim Plunkett, who is running for Platte County Presiding Commissioner.

--During his eight years as a county commissioner, Jim led the charge to keep the county’s taxes low, helping to reduce the county levy by 75% over his tenure. During his eight years as the Second District Commissioner, Jim never once raised taxes.

--He has two opponents, Ronald Schieber and Russ Wojtkiewicz in the Republican Primary.  There are no Democrats running, so whoever wins the primary will be the Presiding Commissioner.

--ABC (Associated Builders and Contractors, Inc.) 
--KC Star (Surprisingly, I agree with all their picks in this article.  They seem to pick well during Republican primaries.)
--Platte County Senator Rob Schaaf

What does a Presiding Commissioner do?
--While I was making phonecalls someone asked me what a commissioner did.  I realized I didn't really know, so I went to the Platte County website and found this:  
  • Sets policy for and administers County government, including the budget.

  • Serves as final authority on all County regulations.

  • Oversees common road district #1, sewer districts, planning and zoning, emergency management, computer systems, maintenance, convention and tourism; all County buildings, property and equipment.

  • Appoints County residents to numerous boards and committees which
    administer levy funds.

  • Represents the County on many boards throughout the metro area.
--I personally know Jim Plunkett, and recommend you vote for him if you live in Platte County on August 5th.

--I will be giving other recommendations in tomorrow's post, stay tuned!

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