Friday, June 06, 2014

70th Anniversary of D-Day!

This 88 year old veteran just made a very special trip to the shores of Normandy where he landed on D-Day 70 years ago. What happened while he was there was unbelievably touching!  Read more!
 --The above video is how we should treat all our veterans. If this doesn't make you tear up, I don't know what will.

--Do You Remember?--An amazing website, that all history buffs should love!  They had a great article about the 70th Anniversary--D-Day: Beginning of the End of World War II
On June 6th, 1944—70 years ago today—a military operation commenced that would prove decisive in the outcome of World War II a year later. This was the beginning of the Allied landings at Normandy—D-Day—when 156,000 American, British and Canadian fighters approached the French coastline by air and sea to liberate it from German occupation.

--The KC Star remembers 4 area veterans--70 Years After D-Day, families Remember area Veterans who missed the Big Anniversary

--This was an aspect about D-Day that I wasn't aware of--Military Deception Fooled Hitler on D-Day, and It Still Works Today

--No D-Day Anniversary would be complete without Reagan's amazing speech on the 40th Anniversary! H/T Tammy Bruce

Additional Links:
--D-Day: Then & Now


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