Sunday, November 24, 2013

My TV Show Smorgasbord!

These are my favorite shows this season!

1) Justified--This has been my favorite show for awhile.  I just bought the above T-shirt from the show.  The next season (Season 5) starts in January.  I was thrilled when I found out last year, that Rush loves this show as well.

2) Chicago Fire--
This show just started last year and I have thoroughly enjoyed it. It doesn't hurt that quite a few of the firefighters are hot.  An example is Taylor Kinney, who was recently featured in People and makes more than one Sexiest Male Actor's list.

3) Nashville--
I love this show. I fell in love with Connie Britton when she was on Friday Night Lights.  I think I like her character even better on Nashville as Rayna.  I also never realized what a hunk Charles Esten was until this show.  He has been on other shows but never caught my attention until now.  The rest of the cast is stellar as well, especially Hayden Panettiere.  

4) Grey's Anatomy--
There are certain shows that I can watch over and over again and Grey's Anatomy is one of them. I often say that it is free therapy because of how the show deals with issues so well. I still love this show even though its in its' 10th season. It will probably make my list of top 10 shows of all time.

5) I Survived...--
My son and I watch this together. I like it better than my murder shows because its a little more optimistic in that the people live ;-).

6) The Good Wife--
This show does such a great job of keeping you hooked into the story line. The actors are great as well. My favorites are Julianna Margulies and Matt Czuchry.

7) Sons of Anarchy--
I have watched all of this show with a friend. I still haven't gotten caught up to the current season yet. Its a gritty show but good, you can vicariously imagine life in a motorcycle gang when you watch it. Since, that will probably never happen for me, its fun to watch. I of course, love Charlie Hunnam, and am really impressed with Katey Sagal, this is by far her best role ever.

8) The Middle--
I'm pretty sure this is my favorite family comedy of all time. I have never really been that impressed with family comedies in general, but this one is priceless. It reminds me so much of my family.

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