Thursday, January 17, 2013

A Review of "Frances Perkins: First Woman Cabinet Member"!

"In her senior year she was elected class president.  Perkins was a nonconformist who sometimes broke rules--such as 'lights out'--when she wanted to talk.  This may have annoyed the school administration, but she was good-natured and popular with the girls, who called her 'Perk' or 'Perky'.  A few students agreed with her father that she talked too much and labeled her the 'loquacious linguist.'"--A description of Perkins during her college years

I loved the above quote because it reminds me of me, "loquacious linguist" ;-)!

I don't think I've ever read a biography about a liberal Democrat. But, after reading The Forgotten Man: A New History of the Great Depression I wanted to learn more about the 1st woman to hold a cabinet position.

While I don't agree with Frances Perkins' "progressive" and socialistic ideals, I do have great admiration for her. First, she was the 1st woman to achieve a cabinet position. Second, she believed in social justice and helping the poor. Third, she juggled a career while having to deal with a bi-polar, alcoholic husband.

Perkins paved the way for other women to excel in politics, that alone is worthy of admiration.

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Mike's America said...

I have been in the Dept. of Labor building named after her.

Speaking of liberal biographies, go see Hyde Park on Hudson if it is playing in your area. A good film.