Thursday, September 08, 2011

Grading the GOP Debate on MSNBC!

Thoughts about the debate:
--I thought a MSNBC debate might be more tolerable without Chris Matthews, but Brian Williams proved to be just as despicable. I really couldn't believe how condescending, biased, manipulative and slanted some of Williams' questions were. I think the one that took my breath away was:
Governor Perry a question about Texas. Your state has executed 234 death row inmates more than any other governor in modern times. Have you struggled to sleep at night?
--What kind of question is that? I would've said, I sleep fine knowing that rapists, child molesters and murderers aren't on the streets anymore to hurt any other innocent people. How would it go over if a Fox News moderator asked a Democrat candidate how he sleeps at night knowing that innocent babies are being murdered every day by partial birth abortion??

--Also, the question he asked Rick Santorum about the poor. The question was dripping with condescension implying that Republicans don't care about the poor. Just because Republicans don't think government is the answer to caring about the poor doesn't mean we don't actually care about the poor. Although, Santorum gave a fairly good answer.
Grading the Candidates

Rick Perry--A
My grading is going to be more than just about their performance last night. Its also going to be about what I think of them in general. I have to say that I was very excited to see Perry get into this race. He is the first person that I can actually see a lot of people rallying around, including myself.

I thought he did fairly well in this debate. Although, I agree with Gateway Pundit in that MSNBC decided it was attack Perry night.

I loved his response to the 1st biased question which is in the above video, and I loved his JFK quote and his comment about keynesian economics not working.

Michelle Bachmann--A-
The more I see of Michelle, the more I like her. I loved what she had to say about energy:
If the Federal Government would pull back on all of their regulatory restrictions on American energy production:
--1.2 million jobs would be created
--50% more in U.S. American Energy
--800 more billion in revenue
She also reminded everyone that gas was $1.79 a gallon when Obama took office. Where are the bumper stickers reminding everyone of that?? She also brought up that Obamacare is killing jobs too and if we don't repeal Obamacare in 2012, it will be with us forever.

Mitt Romney--B
I'm not a huge Romney fan, especially if I have other options. But he impressed me in the debate. I liked some of his responses and I liked his line of us needing "real jobs" not "green jobs".

This guy looks and sounds good, but unfortunately you have to have SOME government experience to win the presidency. I did like his line, "If 10% is good enough for God, 9% should be good enough for government.

Rick Santorum--B-
I love Santorum, but I can't believe he thinks he has a chance. I did like his Libya answer.

Newt Gingrich--C-
Newt has ticked me off one too many times. I love the guy when he is running a conservative think tank and when he is writing history books. But every other time he talks he sticks his foot in his mouth. He literally declared he was running for president one day, and throwing my beloved Paul Ryan under the bus the next. I can't believe he thinks he has a shot in hell.

Everyone enjoyed his line of not pitting Republicans against each other, too bad he couldn't remember that when he was throwing President Bush under the bus.

Jon Huntsman--C-
Who is this guy? I had to google him to find out. He is declared a RINO by some, was picked by Obama to be an ambassador to China. He believes in global warming and evolution, which makes him pro-science according to liberals and the media. As you know, the rest of us conservatives are anti-science. Unbelievable!!!

Ron Paul--F


Patrick M said...

Either we were watching different debates (except for the idiot "moderators") or we have seriously diverged on our views of candidates.

Especially since, out of all the candidates up there, my choices for a nominee would be Ron Paul, then Herman Cain.

But it is a good barometer about how the candidates are doing from your perspective, and tells me there's a high likelihood we're going to end up with another big-government crap candidate.

The Geezer said...

Personally, I was shocked to find out that Ron Paul's emergency disaster plan is to turn off the air conditioning in the Green Zone. What kind of dillusional REMF believes our troops will just come home if there is no air conditioning?

Then there was the border debate...REALLY, Dr. Paul? The fence will be used to hold us IN? So you are saying that Americans are not smart enough to put a ladder against a fence, like the illegal Mexican do every day? Who the hell is planning to escape to Mexico? Personally, I think Canada is much nicer and I don't have to climb over a fence to get there.

Matty said...

I know that Ron Paul sometimes has a few ideas that sound kind of funny. You have to however, look at the deeper meaning of what he is saying. There is no way you could give him an "F" for the night. That is just crazy.

As to The Geezer's comments, once again some analysis and brain power are required. You have to look at what the man is really talking about. Ron Paul is not saying turn of the A/C in the Middle Ease and the war is over. He is strongly against the war and having America dip into other countries issues. Therefore his comment was just one small example of how much money could be saved if we weren't in these wars at all. Secondly, the fence is not literally meant to keep everyone in, obviously we can leave if we want to. However, we have become a nation that thrives on fear. Many are concerned that we are losing our liberties by slowly becoming a police state. The government can scare us into accepting new laws. These are the things that Ron Paul is talking about.

I'm not saying he is the perfect candidate for president, but I am saying that people should not be so quick to dismiss his ideas.