Monday, May 09, 2011

2011 Clay County Republican Lincoln Days!

Celebrating 2010 While Preparing for 2012!
Eastern Commissioner Katee Porter was emcee for a full house at Clay County's 2011 Lincoln Days this past Friday night.

Government jobs don't pay the bill, they are the bill.--U.S. Senator Roy Blunt
U.S. Senator Roy Blunt was the main speaker of the night. He wanted to thank everyone for their hard work in getting him elected. He said the election had gotten people's attention and people became engaged on the issues, especially cap and trade and health care.

Porter then presented him with 2 baseballs signed by the Royals.

State Senator Luann Ridgeway talked about the Right to Work bill and how it is now a priority in the Senate. She talked about how states that aren't right to work, are losing businesses.

State Rep Ryan Silvey attended and spoke for the first time at Lincoln Days. He said that Jefferson City is now paying attention to Clay County. "If you want something done in Jefferson City, you have to go through Clay County."

State Senator Bill Stouffer is running for Secretary of State. He started his speech off by saying that it was time for Robin to go home and feed her cows. He said she has turned the office into a political office.

He mentioned Senate bill 3, photo ids for voting. There was a lot of cheering, it is ridiculous that this isn't passed yet. According to Robin, there is no fraud in Missouri. Apparently, she hasn't been paying attention.

He also said all amendments, bills, etc... would have clear, straight language. That also got a lot of cheering. He concluded by asking for prayers, support and votes! I have been impressed by Stouffer in the past and think he is going to make a great candidate for Secretary of State.

State Rep Jerry Nolte talked about some of their accomplishments including getting rid of some taxes.

He also got a standing ovation when he announced that he was going to be working to retire Emmanuel Cleaver. He will be running for the 5th district U.S. Congressional seat. I have gotten to know Nolte over the years and can't think of a better man for the job.

State Rep Myron Neth talked about what it was like being in the freshman class of Republicans.

Josh Hurlbert gave the report from Sam Graves' office. Graves also wanted to thank everyone for their hard work during the last election. A March 2009 Time Magazine article was entitled, "Is the Party Over?" referring to the Republican Party after Obama's election in 2008. Yet, look what the elections brought in 2010. The Republican Party is far from over.

Author Jack Cashill commented on how Jesse James' town was now Republican. He also talked about his book, Deconstructing Obama.

Vicky Weishar, President of Clay County's Federated Republican Women won Clay County Woman of the Year and Dr. John Hagan won Clay County Man of the year. Dr. Hagan said, "No one hates Obamacare more than a physician."

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