Thursday, April 07, 2011

Paul Ryan on the GOP's Budget Blan!


Paul Ryan (R-WI), who is the Chairman of the House Budget Committee, has laid out a great plan for making significant cuts in government spending. He calls the GOP plan, "the path to prosperity". Obama and the Democrats don't want to make the cuts, and it appears they want to play politics and force a government shutdown.

Mike's America did an excellent, comprehensive post on all of this. Some excerpts below on the Democrats' usual scare tactics:
Democrats Cry Wolf Once Too Often

Ryan's plan basically rolls back spending to 2008 levels. Were people starving in the streets in 2008 when Democrats ran the House of Representatives? You might think so if you listened to Democrats this week talk about Ryan's plan with the same shopworn scaremongering that has become a cliche in Washington since the Reagan era.

Democrats didn't even wait for Ryan to unveil his plan before they trotted out their recycled rhetoric about hurting kids and seniors and tax cuts for the rich. Those lines were written long ago. They were not true during the Reagan years when the budget reached $1.1 trillion and they are not true now with a budget of $3.6 trillion.

Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi topped the crazy cake by insisting that GOP cuts would mean "six million seniors are deprived of meals." Were those seniors starving when Pelosi's Democrat controlled congress approved 2008 spending?
Take time to go read the plan for yourself!!

--I'm a fan of Congressman Paul Ryan!!
--Congressman Paul Ryan's Response to President Obama's speech
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