Sunday, January 16, 2011

Ron Reagan Jr. is an Embarrassment!

“Ron was an embarrassment to his father when he was alive and today he became an embarrassment to his mother.”--Michael Reagan
How does one describe Ron Reagan Jr.? Embarrassment, disrespectful, condescending, media-whore, etc... When I first saw that he was coming out with a book critical of his father, I figured it was par for the course since he is an atheist liberal. Yet, when I read an actual excerpt from the book in Parade magazine I was taken aback. I couldn't believe how condescending he was towards his father. It was this whole elitist attitude that he was smarter than his Dad, even though his Dad was president. Unbelievable!! It takes a lot of chutz·pa, but I guess he feels emboldened by his liberal buddies in the media.

Ron claims that his Dad had Alzheimer's while he was still president, never mind that all Reagan's doctors and outside experts disagree. Reagan's sane son, Michael, violently disagrees with Ron, as usual. Michael ripped into Ron for his claims about their Dad's Alzheimer's.

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