Monday, January 31, 2011

The Citizen--Kansas City's Conservative Newspaper!

Kansas City is finally going to have a Conservative Newspaper! Below is a description of what its going to be about:
Our mission

The Citizen provides news, opinion and a voice for readers committed to liberty and freedom.

* We are a much-needed balance to the regional media landscape and a provocateur. We are not passive — nor should you be.

* We think for ourselves and understand that independence carries responsibility — to help create a more educated, more active civic conversation. We want our readers to read, to learn, and, ultimately, to act.

* Finally, we report using all the facts available, but we don’t stop there. We intend to motivate our readers and our elected officials to action. We are in this to change things.

So, what is The Citizen?

We're a new monthly newspaper for the Kansas City metro area. We're planning our first issue in February, but you can have a peek right now.

Are we biased? Yes -- just like every other newspaper and magazine. Are we different? Yes -- because we're not afraid to admit that things like a love of freedom and a belief in personal responsibility matter, and they inform what we choose to cover.

We'll be free to readers and ad-supported.
I am excited about it for numerous reasons, but also because I'm going to be writing for it! My monthly column is under the "Faith and Family" category, but those who know me, know it will encompass much more than that.

Check out the facebook page, the website will be finished soon, and follow on Twitter.

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