Monday, November 22, 2010

Republican 12 of 2012!

Brett Baier has been doing this great series entitled, 12 of 2012 where he takes a look at 12 Republicans who might run for the Republican nomination for President in 2012. The past 2 weeks he has covered one a day on his show, Special Report and concluded last Friday with the final one and some extras.

I knew and was familiar with most of the names on the list. The 3 that surprised me were Haley Barbour, Mitch Daniels and Mike Pence. I didn't know that any of those were high profile enough to be considered and didn't know much about Daniels or Barbour. I was really impressed with Barbour and was equally unimpressed with Daniels.

I decided to rank the 12 by putting the ones I love at the top and the ones I'm not crazy about at the bottom. As anyone knows that has read my blog, I'm pretty passionate about people one way or another. I either love you, strongly dislike you or am apathetic about you. I will leave comments on why I have ranked them in the place they are at.

If you want to weigh in, you can vote in Fox News' poll.

The 12:
1) Sarah Palin~~I am just as excited about her as I was the day she was announced as John McCain's VP. Her book made me love her more and everything she touches succeeds. I wasn't sure what resigning as Governor would do to her, but she resigned for the right reasons and has done an amazing job on everything since then.

My only concern about her is that the Drive By Media has been somewhat successful in demonizing her with Independents. That said, Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush were able to overcome the Media demonization, and as both Palin supporters and detractors have learned, don't ever underestimate her!!

2) NJ Governor Chris Christie~~Let me count the ways I love this man. The first time I saw him speak, I just went wow!!! He is real, he tells it likes it is and he has the right principles, a genuine Republican Rock Star. As Larry Sabato says in the above video, Republicans love him because he has style and substance--EXACTLY!!! Thats what we always look for, and thats what Reagan had.

The only problem is that Christie has been emphatic about not running, I guess we'll have to wait and see.

3) SD Senator John Thune~~This Senator had me when he booted Tom Daschle out of the Senate. Again, as far as I'm concerned, he has both style and substance as well.

4) Congressman Mike Pence~~I'm not sure how much of a chance Pence has but there are very few conservatives that don't love Mike Pence.

5) MS Governor Haley Barbour~~I didn't realize how impressive Barbour was until seeing this series. I wasn't aware of all his experience, and he did do an amazing job in his state during Katrina. I think he would be great. It remains to be seen though if he can overcome the stigma of having been a lobbyist, and his wonderful southern accent ;-).

--After this my enthusiasm goes way down :(

6) SC Senator Jim DeMint~~DeMint is a great conservative with great principles and he looks awesome on paper, he just doesn't translate much excitement. I hate to say it, but if he can't muster enthusiasm with a political junkie, he isn't going to capture the attention of the swing voters.

7) LA Governor Bobby Jindal~~I think it depends on who you talk to on how Jindal has done as Governor of Louisiana. He definitely did a better job with the recent oil crisis than the Federal Government. Yet, once again, he is boring. I had high hopes for him until I saw him give the Republican response to Obama's State of the Union and it was all over for me.

8) Newt Gingrich~~I have a love/hate relationship with Newt. One minute he is saying something for me to cheer about, and the next minute he is ticking me off. He is very smart and likable and is a great conservative about 80% of the time, but he caves to liberals over the strangest things.

He has definitely been able to remake his image after the liberals destroyed it, but he still has too much baggage. He is great at what he does now, run a conservative think tank, write books and be an analyst.

9) Mitt Romney~~I would've much rather had Romney over McCain in 2008 but that shows you how bad our pickings were. I really don't want to see him run again. Social conservatives are still nervous about where he really stands on abortion and marriage and for good reason. He's just not conservative enough.

10) IN Governor Mitch Daniels~~He is just too boring! I didn't know much about him before this series and afterwards I was unimpressed. He may have done great things for Indiana but he wants to put economic issues ahead of social issues and he has no personality.

11) Governor Tim Pawlenty~~Boring and too liberal!!

12) Mike Huckabee~~Anyone that knows me knows that there is no other Republican that I despise more than Huckabee, except maybe Ron Paul. My infamous quote is that "if he is our nominee for 2012 I'm going to slit my wrists". So, I'm guessing there are some liberals out there hoping for Huckabee to be the Republican nominee :).

I wrote extensively about my issues with Huckabee back in 2008. He whined in the 2012 segment with Brett that he had the right message but might not have the money. If people liked you and your message, you wouldn't have a problem raising money, get a clue!!

Brett mentioned a couple of dark horses at the end, none of whom I think have a prayer or who should have a prayer:
--Rudy Guiliani
--John Bolton
--Donald Trump
--Governor Rick Perry
--Rick Santorum
--Governor Gary Johnson
--Governor Bob McDonnell
--Governor George Pataki
--Ron Paul

The only one who wasn't listed whom I think should be listed and who I think has a real shot in the future is Congressman Paul Ryan (WI). He is a Republican Rock Star with both substance and style.

~~I'll be attending the Bush event tonight, so stay tuned for a reporting on it tomorrow.

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