Tuesday, November 02, 2010

November 2nd Sample Ballot for Clay County, Missouri!

Dee's Sample Ballot
For U.S. Senator~~Roy Blunt(R)

For State Auditor~~Tom Schweich(R)

For U.S. Representative~~Sam Graves(R)

For State Representative~~Matthew Thompson(R)

For County Clerk~~Sheri Chapman(R)

For County Auditor~~Sheila Ernzen(D)

For County Collector~~Lydia McEvoy(R)


Missouri Supreme Court Judge~~Zel Fischer~~YES

Judge Victor C. Howard~~NO

Judge James Edward Welsh~~YES

Judge Alok Ahuja~~NO (UPDATED)

Judge Mark D. Pfeiffer~~NO

Judge Karen Mitchell~~NO

Judge Shane T. Alexander~~YES

Judge K.Elizabeth Davis~~NO

Judge David P. Chamberlain~~YES

Judge Don Norris~~NO
(For more info go here and even more detailed info, go here)


Constitutional Amendment No.1~~Vote Yes

Constitutional Amendment No.2~~Vote Yes

Constitutional Amendment No.3~~Vote Yes

Proposition A~~Vote Yes

Proposition B~~Vote NO
(For more info, go here)

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