Monday, October 04, 2010

Fire Nancy Pelosi!

I was in charge of our Republican booth this past weekend at a festival in our area. We gave out Roy Blunt Yard signs, bumper stickers and other materials for local Republican candidates. Blunt's opponent, Robin Carnahan has been running some deceptive ads, so we had a truth check sheet.

Yet, by far, the most popular item we gave away was the "Fire Pelosi" stickers. The Fire Pelosi Bus Tour is making the rounds and resonating with Americans. Meanwhile, Pelosi is punishing members of her own party that dare to criticize her.

Its going to be a very interesting election come November! The polls show that its very possible that Republicans could take back both the House and the Senate. Make sure you are helping support your Republican candidates!! Don't forget Mike's Top 10 Senate Races, he has recently revised it!!

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