Monday, July 26, 2010

More August 3rd Picks...

The upcoming primary on August 3rd is one of the biggest and most important primaries in recent memory. The biggest issue is of course, Proposition C.

Yet, there are a slew of primary races on the both the Republican and Democrat sides. I've already given my support for Jay Jones for Clay County Auditor. There are a couple of other races I'd like to mention.

The race for Clay County Recorder of Deeds is between Mike Ebenroth and Jay Lawson. For most Republicans this should be a no brainer, since Jay Lawson seems to switch parties depending upon which office he is running for.

When it comes to the 35th District there are 2 good Conservative candidates running, although sorry guys, no one will be able to fill Doug Ervin's shoes since he is term limited out. The two candidates are TJ Berry and Noel Shull and while the 35th district will be represented well with either one I am supporting TJ Berry. Andrew at ClayCoMO has more info on both candidates.

I will have more either before August 3rd and/or I will post my sample ballot picks on August 2nd.

Any questions on my picks, just shoot me an email!!

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