Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I Heart Paul McRyan!!

Hat tip: Gateway Pundit

Yes, I had to take a page out of the playbook that was used to call Scott Brown, Hottie McAwesome!! McRyan has me smitten in more ways than one. He is the whole political package, and then some!!

He hits a home run yet again on the economic front talking about the failure of Obama's "stimulus" plan. He starts out with this:
Over a year ago, Congress enacted a stimulus bill that spread huge spending increases across the government. By every objective measure – from jobs and economic growth to the rising price tag – the stimulus has failed.

It has failed to create the jobs promised. Rather than “save or create” 3 to 4 million jobs, the economy has shed 2.7 million jobs since the stimulus passed. It has failed to keep the unemployment rate below 8% as promised. Unemployment still hovers near 10 percent.
His Conclusion:
The American people are fed up with the relentless push to spend money we don’t have, add to our crushing burden of debt, and evade accountability for the dismal results.

We need to chart a new course. Let’s cancel the remaining stimulus funds, get a grip on runaway government spending, and advance pro-growth economic policies. We need to spur sustained job creation, rebuild confidence in our future, and restart the American engine of prosperity.
McRyan also educates Chris Matthews on how the economy works! Matthews looked like he could've played a part on the movie, Clueless!!

If McRyan ever wants to run for President, I will be first in line to work on his campaign!!

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