Friday, May 07, 2010

My Letter to Jason Whitlock!

I have sung Jason Whitlock's praises numerous times on this blog. He was one of the few voices of reason during the "Jena Six Case" and during the Don Imus Controversy.

He usually writes a Sports column for my local paper, the KC Star. Yet, recently he has started writing a weekly opinion column called, Independent Thoughts. He has come out swinging against conservatives in his last two columns.

He viciously attacks Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh and the millions of people that like them in his April 28th column. I will set Beck aside (since I have issues with him myself), but I take offense at the accusations towards Palin and Limbaugh.

Palin is supposed to be Al Sharpton's counterpart and Limbaugh is Louis Farrakhan's. He calls them "right-wing poverty pimps" and accuses them of "baiting racial distrusts". If our society were different, he says he is sure that they would speak more "plainly and crudely about race as black demagogues". They don't have "positions of integrity" or any "semblance of intellect".

Meanwhile, for those of us who listen and agree with Limbaugh and Palin, we are idiots, and "only the disingenuous fail to hear the race-based undertones and calls for unrest." We are also called "misguided followers" and of course, capitalism is to blame for the fact that there isn't "fairness and responsibility in broadcast journalism". Yes, if we only lived in Cuba and had Fidel Castro dictating to us what we were allowed to broadcast, our socialist utopia could be achieved!!

Yet, while Whitlock accuses me of being an idiot, disingenuous and misguided, he admits that not only does he avoid the political system, he doesn't even vote.

I not only vote in every election, I have been volunteering on political campaigns since 2004. I wonder which one of us has the right to complain about the state our country is in right now?

Also, I just got to hear Sarah Palin this past Saturday at the Independence Events Center and I heard no race baiting, but maybe that is just because I'm an idiot. Perhaps, Whitlock could provide some actual examples in his next column.

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