Friday, April 02, 2010

Good Friday Smorgasbord!

1) Bill O'Reilly Shows Blatant Liberal Media Hypocrisy On Protestor Anger

~~Kristalnacht Redux Continues as Brick Shatters Mich. GOP HQ Window
I'm not surprised about the double standard here, but it is getting ridiculous. Democrats whine about getting death threats (which Republicans get on a daily basis), while Republicans are actually having physical threats to their lives, like bricks thrown through their office windows. And guess which one the media talks about???

2) Obama's "No Drill Baby" Offshore Announcement

3) Sarah Palin to host first Fox News TV show

4) Busted… Lib Rep. Phil Hare Admits: “I Don’t Care About the Constitution” (Video)
Wow!!! Jackpot!! Better start looking for a job is right!

5) Reason #500 why Ron Paul is a Nut Job!!~~Hoft says Paul's charges against Abraham Lincoln are "inaccurate, crazy and offensive" and I would have to agree 100%!!

6) Wow! Obama's attitude towards Israel is getting more and more troubling!

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