Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Tuesday Smorgasbord!

1) Democrat Congressman Eric Massa unloads on Rahm Emanuel, the White House and the Democrats over trying to force him out over his health care vote.

When I heard Massa on the radio yesterday, I couldn't help but smile. At first, I had no idea who he was, I could just tell he was ticked off and was telling it like it was. It is unbelievable the lengths Obama and his cohorts aka Rahm Emanuel are willing to go to, to force "health care" down the American people's throats. How many "mob like" deals are going to be made? Obama has already bought off several senators and pushed others out, where will it stop?

2) Dan Rather needs to permanently retire along with Pat Robertson. "Obama couldn't sell watermelons even if you gave him a State Trooper to flag down traffic!"


3) The real star of "The Blind Side" - Leigh Anne Tuohy--I loved everything about this true story and the movie that was done on it. It is beyond inspirational. I have always been a Sandra Bullock fan and thought she did a phenomenal job playing Tuohy. I was very happy to see her walk away with the best actress award Sunday night.

4) Acorn Workers charged with Voter Fraud! Shocker!! The real question is, "Why are we still funding them with our tax dollars?"

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