Saturday, January 16, 2010

Scott Brown may be the next U.S. Senator from Massachusetts!

Scott Brown is a Republican with what appears to be a great record. He is running against Martha Coakley(D) for Ted Kennedy's Senate seat in a special election on January 19th. He is creating quite a stir in Massachusetts, raising a million dollars each day this week. I'm so excited about him that if I was able to, I'd fly to Massachusetts and campaign for him myself. It looks he will just have to settle for Rudy Giuliani.

While Massachusetts in normally a blue state, the senate race has moved from a "lean Dem" to a "toss-up" and just yesterday Brown surged ahead in the latest poll. I think its a combination of Brown being a strong candidate and Coakley being a weak, elitist one. Coakley seems a little confused about issues like Afghanistan.

~~Desperate Obama To Campaign For Martha Coaxley In Bid To Keep 'Ted Kennedy's Seat'

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