Monday, November 23, 2009

Sarah Palin Smorgasbord!

Sarah Palin is an authentic American!--Ann Coulter

Sarah Palin's book, Going Rogue hit bookstores this past week. It was a bestseller before it even got on the shelves, and sold 300,000 copies the first day. Palin started on her book tour and her first stops were in Michigan and Indiana. My Mom surprised me by calling me last week and telling me that she had just met Sarah Palin. She had driven 2 hours to Fort Wayne, Indiana and waited forever to get Palin to sign 2 copies of her book, one for herself and one for me.

Palin also did all the interviews last week: Oprah, Barbara Walters and many others, some of which I highlight below. Every show she appeared on skyrocketed in the ratings. Oprah had her best ratings since 2007.

While many liberals seem to be suffering from Palin Derangement Syndrome, she is enjoying higher favorability ratings with the American people than Obama:
Sarah Palin Favorable Rating 47%… Barack Obama Job Approval Rating 46%

--Rush Limbaugh's Interview
As far as I know, Rush got the first radio interview. It was a huge deal for two reasons, one being that Rush is the king of talk radio and the other being that he hardly ever has guests on.

He rocked because he ONLY asked policy questions since, Oprah had asked NONE!!

--Sean Hannity's Interview
Hannity got the first cable interview!

--CBS's Harry Smith interviews Ann Coulter on Sarah Palin.
Coulter is unflappable, as always, during the above interview. Yet, I found myself wanting to smack Smith, because his every word was dripping with condescension. The Drive By Media just can't hide their contempt when talking with successful conservatives.

Coulter was able to make several good points about Palin despite the contempt. Coulter pointed out that Palin has massive influence and that McCain was the media's favorite Republican.

--Bill O'Reilly and Bernie Goldberg talk about O'Reilly's interview with, and other responses to, Sarah Palin.
Bernie is right when he says liberals have Palin Derangement Syndrome and Jon Stewart has it. It amazes me how liberals dismiss Palin as being stupid, etc... and yet, they seem to be extremely threatened by her. They know that she is resonating with millions of Americans because as Ann Coulter said, she is authentic.

I also wonder if Chris Matthews realizes how ridiculous he has become.

--Dennis Miller's Interview
I love Dennis Miller and I love how he interacts with Sarah Palin! I need to keep harassing my local station to dump Michael Savage and replace him with Dennis Miller instead.

Others weigh in with their thoughts:
--Goldberg on Palin
--Cal Thomas on Palin

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