Wednesday, November 04, 2009

GOP Sweep!

It takes a special kind of Democrat to lose in New Jersey.--Jordan Lieberman
Shepard Smith and Jordan Lieberman (publisher of politics magazine) in the above video are discussing what last night's races will mean for Democrats in 2010. Lieberman said that the Virginia and New York races weren't that big a deal, but if Corzine lost New Jersey, the Democrats were in trouble. It wasn't too long after that, that the race was called for Corzine's opponent, Republican Chris Christie.

In fact, the GOP ended up with a lot of victories last night, enough to call it a GOP Sweep. Two big Governor victories in Virginia and New Jersey.

Supposedly, Obama wasn't watching the results. Of course, that may be true, he may have known that news was going to be bad and didn't want to watch the depressing news. Anyway you look at it, its not good news for Obama, no matter how his people will try to spin it. Rush may have been right about the bloodbath for Democrats in 2010.

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