Sunday, October 04, 2009

The Truth About Acorn!

Megyn Kelly's Fox News Special, The Truth About Acorn is a must see! If you missed it, you need to watch it when it re-airs or on You Tube.

Kelly interviews Acorn's founder, Wade Rathke, who is brutally honest about his socialistic and "spread the wealth" agenda. Rathke admits that he was mentored by George Wiley who ran the group, National Welfare Rights Organization (NWRO). NWRO's goal was to:
"...organize welfare recipients into a political force. The thought was that if they added enough people to the welfare rolls, radical, political and economic change would follow."

More Acorn Scandals:
--ACORN Hired People "Still In Prison" Convicted of Identity Theft For Canvassing Voters (Video)
--Breaking: Obama's White House ACORN Operative Fined $775,000 For Election Violations- Used Rapists & Burglars in Door-to-Door Registration Drives

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