Thursday, August 27, 2009

What is Wrong With Michael Steele?

Left wing bloggers are having a field day:
Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele’s appearance last Friday on the Vincent David Jericho Show on KSGF is making national headlines for seeming to agree with Jericho’s views about U.S. Rep. Roy Blunt.

Red State weighs in:
Is it really helpful for the leader of the Republican National Committee to say “I agree with you. And when stuff gets in the crapper, you gotta clean it out” after the host of the radio show he is on just spent a few minutes bashing the presumptive Republican nominee for the United States Senate in Missouri, Roy Blunt?

Apparently, talk show host Vincent David Jericho likes to take Matt and Roy Blunt to the woodshed on a regular basis. While, he is supposed to be a conservative, he doesn't find the Blunts conservative enough, apparently, because they are fallible.

While, I was disappointed with Matt Blunt and his stance on the stem cell issue, to not call him a conservative is absurd. Human Events ranked him as the 3rd most conservative governor in 2006. And as for Roy Blunt, he had a failed marriage. The last time I checked, while it is a moral failing, it happens to the best of people. If the standard is perfection, I don't think we are going to have any candidates for either party for anything.

As for Steele, how many strikes does he get? When he threw Rush under the bus, I was pretty ticked. I think it may be time to look for Steele's replacement. When he can't even defend his own candidates, we've got problems.

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