Friday, July 03, 2009

Sarah Palin ~Breaking The Mold Again!

As you already know, Sarah Palin has stepped down and said she is not retreating but is moving forward!

I think Sarah is just doing what she always does. She isn't 'leaving the scene', she is just moving forward! Much to the leftist chagrin. There is nothing wrong with resigning in order to move forward to a possible run for president or to support real Conservatives running for office.

It is humorous hearing the left say that by resigning she is ruining her political career. After all, Obama being in a hate-filled racist church for 20 years and buddying up with people like Ayers didn't seem to make a difference in getting elected. Barry's lack of experience, especially compared to Palin, didn't matter either.

Sarah Palin is a leader, she is strong. Today I saw her as someone who is made in the Reagan/Thatcher mold. I am convinced she is the one we need in 2012 or 2016 who will reverse the damage Obama has done. She has the guts to do it. She has more guts than any man I have seen who has run or is rumored to run on our side. She won't drop her convictions to 'get along' like so many other Republicans have done.

I can see why she stepped down. She is a mover and a shaker and doesn't want to waste her time and Alaskans money to have to work on defending herself from the wild accusations from the wacko statists who hate her in Alaska. Why waste time doing that when she can get out there and make a difference and perhaps save this country from the downward spiral into socialism with Obama and the leftist nuts in charge.

I say go for it Palin!

By Rivka

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