Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Health Care Questions for Senator Claire McCaskill!

Representative John Conyers doesn't think he owes it to his constituents to actually read the Health Care bill that will affect all Americans and cost taxpayers trillions of dollars. As I watched the above video clip last night, I decided it was time to call U.S. Senator McCaskill and find out if she felt the same way.

I have already contacted Representative Sam Graves' office and he is one of 93 Congressmen who has signed a pledge promising to read the bill. I will be contacting my other U.S. Senator Kit Bond as well, but I'm pretty confident that he will be one of those joining that list.

Here are my questions for Senator McCaskill:
1) Do you plan on voting against or in favor of the Health Care bill?
2) Have you read or do you plan on reading the Health Care bill and will you join Let Freedom Ring's Pledge to Read the bill?
3) Will you and your family be on the same public health plan that Congress plans on subjecting the rest of the country to?
I encourage everyone to contact your Congressmen and women and ask them if they plan on joining the pledge, and where they stand on this extremely important bill that will have drastic consequences for our future.

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