Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Why is Jimmy Carter always on the wrong side?

Jimmy Carter is meddling in foreign affairs once again. He has had this to say about Israel in the past:
...Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank were the biggest hurdle in the hobbled Middle East peace process, saying they were "illegal and (an) obstacle to peace."

Since, Israel is clearly causing all the problems (according to Carter) he wants to side with the Palestinians and even sympathizes with Hamas, an actual terrorist group. The very group that is probably responsible for the attack on his own life. Carter thinks that the group Hamas should be taken off the terrorist list.

Does that make sense to you? No, me either. Yet, for some reason Jimmy Carter is always on the side of dictators and terrorists and against those that love freedom and democracy. And as GG points out, his meddling undermines those who are in the office of the presidency at the time and jeopardizes his life as well as the lives of our troops.

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