Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Whose Side is Obama On?

He joins Castro and Chavez in criticizing the overthrow of looming dictatorship in Honduras!


Mata covered the Honduras story here. We had another dictator for life, in the mold of Castro and Venezuela's Chavez seeking to turn that small country into another tinpot dictatorship. The Army, the courts and the Congress acted and tossed the bum out.

And yet, Obama, who refuses to meddle when people in Iran are dying in the streets is peddle to the meddle to join some of the worst violators of human rights in the Western hemisphere in condemning Honduras.

The cartoon above says it all. And this also, by way of Gateway Pundit:

Gingrich: Obama sides with Castro and Chavez on Honduras
by Michael O'Brien
The Hill
June 30, 2009

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich accused President Obama of siding with Cuban dictator Fidel Castro and Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez when it comes to the recent coup in Honduras.

Gingrich blasted Obama for opposing the coup in Honduras, which the former GOP leader insisted would have left in place a "leftist dictatorship."

Gingrich tweeted Tuesday:

Sadly the obama administration has joined castro and chavez attacking honduran supreme court and congress for defending their constitution

Having castro call for defending democracy should convince any reasonable person that honduras was on the edge of a leftist dictatorship.

Honduras: Ousted President Caught in "Naked Power Grab"

Nothing so shocking about this coup
Miami Herald
June 30, 2009

...For weeks, Zelaya -- an erratic leftist who styles himself after his good pal Hugo Chávez of Venezuela -- has been engaged in a naked and illegal power grab, trying to rewrite the Honduran constitution to allow him to run for reelection in November.

First Zelaya scheduled a national vote on a constitutional convention. After the Honduran supreme court ruled that only the country's congress could call such an election, Zelaya ordered the army to help him stage it anyway. (It would be ''non-binding,'' he said.) When the head of the armed forces, acting on orders from the supreme court, refused, Zelaya fired him, then led a mob to break into a military base where the ballots were stored.

His actions have been repudiated by the country's supreme court, its congress, its attorney-general, its chief human-rights advocate, all its major churches, its main business association, his own political party (which recently began debating an inquiry into Zelaya's sanity) and most Hondurans: Recent polls have shown his approval rating down below 30 percent.

In fact, about the only people who didn't condemn Zelaya's political gangsterism were the foreign leaders and diplomats who now primly lecture Hondurans about the importance of constitutional law. They're also strangely silent about the vicious stream of threats against Honduras spewing from Chávez since Zelaya was deposed.

Just another example of Obama cozying up to America's sworn enemies while dissing our friends and the ideals of American exceptionalism!

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