Friday, June 19, 2009

Friday Smorgasbord!

--Obama is afraid of the ONE news outlet that isn't worshiping him. Lets see, 90% of all the Drive By Media and the Newspapers are not only not critical of Obama but they out right praise him. Yet, Obama (the President of the United States) is whining about the fact that Fox News is actually doing their job and keeping the President accountable for his decisions and actions.

--Iran Protests Grow--Mike includes 2 articles, below are 2 quotes, one from each of the articles:
...several administration officials acknowledged that Mr. Obama might run the risk of coming across on the wrong side of history at a potentially transformative moment in Iran.--"Obama Pressured to Strike a Firmer Tone"

SILENCE is complicity. Our president's refusal to take a forthright moral stand on the side of the Iranian freedom marchers is read in Tehran as a blank check for the current regime.-- "GREEN LIGHT FOR A CRACKDOWN"

--Reagan vs. Obama: How to Handle Tyranny

--Letterman's Palin Joke Costs CBS an Advertiser
Embassy Suites pulled their advertising because of the number of complaints they got. It does make a difference to speak up! There was a report that Olive Garden had also pulled theirs, but it turned out not to be true.

--Progressives--Bob shows that liberals have been wanting to portray themselves as progressives for a long time. I too have discovered this in reading The Forgotten Man. Guess what Socialist leaning liberals in the 1920's and 30's wanted to be called? Progressives

--The hostility of an MSNBC Anchor
Gee, I just can't understand why MSNBC isn't doing better in the ratings. I was impressed with John Ziegler though, and I went and checked out his radio show, etc...

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