Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Vote for Bonnie Sue Cooper for Clay County Commissioner!

If you live in Clay County's Western district, there is an important election today, Tuesday, May 19th. Back in November when Bonnie Sue Cooper (R) ran against Larry Larson (D) there was a problem with a bunch of the ballots. These ballots had the Eastern District candidates names on them instead of Cooper's and Larson's.

The mistake wasn't fixed until late in the day. Bonnie Sue Cooper lost and rightly took the issue to court. The courts ruled in her favor which is why there is the special election today. Not many people know about the race so its imperative that people show up to vote. Its all about turn out.

If you are upset about Clay county's outrageous property tax increases, Bonnie Sue Cooper is the one to vote for, she opposes all efforts to raise taxes. Larry Larson is the one who has been a part of those tax increases happening.

Bonnie Sue has been a Missouri State Rep. and a City Councilwoman and has spent her life serving the community. Help spread the word and encourage your friends who live in the Western District of Clay County to vote for Bonnie Sue Cooper.

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