Friday, May 08, 2009

Friday Smorgasbord!

1) Elizabeth Edwards on Oprah: Sad, not inspiring--This whole story really is just sad. John Edwards insisted on running for president while his wife was terminally ill, and decided to cheat on her all at the same time.

My heart does go out to her, how can you not feel sympathy for a woman who was humiliated in front of the world and won't get to see her children grow up? As if we needed further proof that John Edwards was an ego-centric jerk.

2) Specter hints Kemp died of GOP agenda--Who does this remind you of? John Edwards telling people that if only George W. Bush had supported embryonic stem cell research, Christopher Reeve could've walked. Both are completely absurd claims made by men who are just plain nuts.

--How Low Can You Go? Arlen Specter, Jack Kemp, Cancer, the GOP

3) Colin Powell Bashes Rush Limbaugh, Sarah Palin and GOP

--GG weighs in and has some choice words for Powell.

Recently, Dick Morris mentioned that Powell should've stuck with winning wars. I could not agree more. Powell has lost all credibility after voting for Obama. He voted for one of the most liberal senators in Congress in the Democrat party and he now wants to lecture the Republican party on who we should have in our party. Thanks, but no thanks Colin!!

4) Obama refuses to acknowledge the National Day of Prayer! Last time I checked, people of all faiths prayed. So, the only people the National Day of Prayer would offend would be atheists. They make up a very small portion of our country. I guess bending over backwards to appease the kook, fringe, left base is once again more important than doing what is best for all Americans.

5) Cheney says it would be a mistake for the GOP to go moderate! Once again, I couldn't agree more. Every time we run a moderate we lose, every time we run a conservative, we win. We are already too moderate, which is why we have people toying around with the Libertarian and Constitution parties.

Reagan won hearts and minds by showing people that conservative principles were right. He didn't become more moderate to win those blue dog Democrats.

6) Notre Dame Pro-Life Group Plans Massive Protest During Obama Commencement Speech

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