Friday, April 17, 2009

Tax Day Tea Party Extravaganza!

More from all of those Tea Parties across the nation! Starting with some KC links:
--Nice Deb took some great photos at the KC protest at the Liberty Memorial. I wish we could've met up while she was there. She had a busy day because she also went to the one on the Kansas side right after and took a bunch of shots there as well.

--Rivka traveled all the way from Kansas just to hear me speak at the Liberty Memorial event.

In St. Louis, Missouri:
--Jim Hoft was speaking at their Tea Party which had an attendance of 10,000.

--Hot Air has a photo gallery and video.

In New Hampshire:
--Steve and his whole family attended the Manchester Tea Party.
Excellent Tea Party Round-ups:
--Mike did a great post, Tea Parties Take the Fight for Freedom to the Streets with more pictures at Flopping Aces

--Skye, Tea Party Day

--Michelle Malkin, Massive: Tax Day Tea Party USA; Updated

--Donald Douglas, Atlas is Shrugging: A Tea Party Roundup

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