Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Obama's Policies of Appeasement!

Obama seems to be more interested in pleasing the kook left wing of his base and appeasing dictators than he does in keeping this country safe. Even though, he was advised against it, he released "terror interrogation memos" last week. In other words, Al Qaeda and every other Islamic extremist terrorist group now know what we will and won't do to them to extract information once they are captured. An excerpt from Yahoo's article below:
Hayden and Mukasey, who both served during Bush's second term, said the release "assures that terrorists are now aware of the absolute limit of what the US government could do to extract information from them, and can supplement their training accordingly and thus diminish the effectiveness of these techniques."

They also argued that the disclosure meant that Obama was making permanent the suspension of the interrogation techniques.

"By allowing this disclosure, President Obama has tied not only his own hands but also the hands of any future administration faced with the prospect of attack," Hayden and Mukasey wrote.

The former officials defended the use of the techniques, noting that some detainees, including top Al-Qaeda detainee Abu Zubaydah, had voluntarily disclosed information after being submitted to CIA interrogations.
Dick Cheney is now rightly speaking out and saying that if these memos are going to be released, we need to show what interrogation methods worked and got results.

Cheney's point being that while Obama is condemning and ending certain interrogation methods, it needs to be said that these methods produced a lot of information that SAVED LIVES!! Thats the whole problem with appeasement minded liberals. They don't believe in torturing/hurting terrorists who wouldn't hesitate to behead your 90 year old grandmother, even when it could save countless, innocent lives.

I'm with Wordsmith--
After curtsying to the Saudi King and all but fist-bumping with Chavez, I don't ever again want to hear about Bush shaking hands with Saudi royalty (as if preceding American presidents have not done so) and Rumsfeld shaking hands with Saddam...

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