Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Kansas City Tax Day Tea Party Rocked!

Photo Credit: Allison Long (KC Star)

The Kansas City Tax Day Tea Party on the Missouri side took place at the Liberty Memorial. The crowd was estimated to be around 4-5,000 people. The weather could not have been more perfect. Andrea Plunkett did a phenomenal job of organizing the event.

KC's Conservative Talk Show Host Chris Stigall was the keynote speaker and he was excellent. The rest of us got around 5 minutes to speak. A friend taped my speech and I have it posted above.

I was so impressed with the turnout that I thought surely the media couldn't ignore it. Oh, yes they could. The media was there but on all the local news casts that I watched the only mention of the Missouri protest was a flash picture of the crowd. Otherwise, they chose to focus on the one on the Kansas side which was much smaller. And I think it was NBC that went quickly to what a Democratic activist's response was and then concluded with some poll that supposedly said that most people support Obama's atrocious spending. Unbelievable!!

Kudos to the KC Star though for posting a bunch of pictures and a video of the event! Also, a huge thanks to my friend who took most of the pictures in this post. She took a ton of great pictures and really captured the spirit of the day.

If you attended a tea party and have a post, leave me a link in the comments section and/or email me. I'll be doing another post tomorrow and hope to put up a bunch of Tea Party links.

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