Thursday, March 12, 2009

Why I'm not a Meghan McCain Fan!

I like Meghan McCain about as much as I like her father, which means, not so much!! She seems to have this same desire to be loved by the Drive By Media.

So, how do you get attention from the Drive By Media? You attack Ann Coulter. She accuses Ann Coulter of being anti-semitic. If she knew anything about Ann Coulter, she would know that wasn't true. I think it has more to do with the fact that Coulter is an actual conservative, and she wasn't a fan of Meghan's father.

O'Reilly had Townhall's Amanda Carpenter on his show last night to talk about Meghan's attacks on Ann. So far, Ann hasn't responded and Carpenter doesn't think that she will. When O'Reilly asked why Meghan was doing this, Carpenter said that what better way to get media attention than to go after Ann Coulter. O'Reilly also mentioned that Meghan had expressed no desire to be on his show, so apparently its only the liberal Media that she loves.

Meghan was also on Hannity's "Great American Panel" the other night. The panel was asked who would lead the Republican Party in the future. While others expressed interest in Sarah Palin, Meghan did not. As Joseph at Conservatives 4 Palin pointed out, we need to quit letting the Media pick our candidates and our spokespeople. As I said on my Face book page, if Meghan McCain is the new face of our party, then God help us all!

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