Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Why Fiscal Conservatives Need Social Conservatives!

Author Jack Cashill spoke at our Republican Central Committee Meeting last night. He made a great case for why fiscal conservatives need social conservatives.

We often hear how embarrassed some of the "country club" Republicans are by having to associate with those of us in the party who are considered to be a little too religious, a little too right wing or in other words those pesky "social conservatives".

Cashill shared a lot of what he discovered in doing his book on what is wrong with California. Bottom line: moral problems end up creating a lot of financial problems. He talked about how the increase in divorce rates led to a lot of broken homes. At the same time the divorce rates were going up, so were the crime and poverty rates. The difference between intact families that had issues with crime and poverty and single parent families was drastic. He gave other examples with a lot of research to back them all up.

It was an interesting talk and he made a great case, although, I think its something that most social conservatives are aware of. During the question and answer time I brought up the opposite problem of social conservatives thinking they didn't need fiscal conservatives and gave the followers of Mike Huckabee as an example. I knew I was treading on dangerous ground, since I knew the guy sitting right next to me was a Huckabee supporter, but I asked it anyway ;-). Cashill confirmed my suspicion that SOME Evangelicals just aren't that politically educated to know any better. It was pretty ironic because thats been my theory all along, but he just wasn't afraid to spell it out ;-).

I had read some of Cashill's stuff before but I had never heard him speak. He's quite the character and I enjoyed getting to hear him weigh in on the issues of the day.

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