Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Jason Mattera Takes on Charlie Rangel!

Jason Mattera has guts of steel!! Remember him? He's the guy who took on John Murtha for not apologizing to the Marines he accused of murdering innocents in cold blood, after the charges against them had been dismissed.

Once again, he's taking on a slimy politician that the Drive By Media refuses to. Above, he goes after Charlie Rangel for some of his "ethical" issues and Rangel loses it and doesn't respond very well. Grey Ghost comments on Rangel's response by saying that:
Liberals and class don't belong in the same sentence.

Also, just in case you missed his encounter with Murtha (above), I've posted it again, for your viewing pleasure ;-).

Gateway Pundit has an exhaustive list of all the people that Mattera has taken on. Besides Murtha and Rangel, he has also taken on John Kerry (above) and Rep. William "Cold Cash" Jefferson.

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