Friday, March 06, 2009

Friday Smorgasbord!

1) Two Families United in Tragedy--I was listening to Focus on the Family yesterday and it was a powerful program. It was the first of a two part series. The second part is airing today. The story is about the shooting that took place on December 9, 2007 in Colorado.

The guests on the show were the parents of the shooter who killed 4 people and then killed himself and the parents of two of the victims. It is a story about tragedy and forgiveness. You can go here to listen to the podcast online.

2) Lifelong Democrat and Obama Voter Jim Cramer Blasts Obama Team for the Economic Disaster we are Witnessing--I was listening to Cramer on Hannity's radio show yesterday and was just floored. Somehow Cramer voted for Obama thinking he was a middle of the road Democrat. So, now he's not happy seeing Obama attack free market capitalism and promote socialism. In fact, Cramer said this,
Obama's budget may be one of the great wealth destroyers of all time.
Here are some more excerpts of what he said:
Look at the incredible decline in the stock market, in all indices, since the inauguration of the president, with the drop accelerating when the budget plan came to light because of the massive fear and indecision the document sowed: Raising taxes on the eve of what could be a second Great Depression, destroying the profits in healthcare companies (one of the few areas still robust in the economy), tinkering with the mortgage deduction at a time when U.S. house price depreciation is behind much of the world's morass and certainly the devastation affecting our banks, and pushing an aggressive cap and trade program that could raise the price of energy for millions of people.

...Obama has undeniably made things worse by creating an atmosphere of fear and panic rather than an atmosphere of calm and hope. He's done it by pushing a huge amount of change at a very perilous moment, by seeking to demonize the entire banking system and by raising taxes for those making more than $250,000 at the exact time when we need them to spend and build new businesses, and by revoking deductions for funds to charity that help eliminate the excess supply of homes.

We had a banking crisis coming into this regime, but now every area is in crisis. Each day is worse than the previous one for this miserable economy and while Obama's champions cite the stimulus plan, it's really just a hodgepodge of old Democratic pork and will not create nearly as many manufacturing or service jobs as we hoped. China's stimulus plan is the model; ours is the parody.

3) Should Republicans Be Worried about Michael Steele?--I had high hopes for him but I have to say he's already making me nervous. His comments about Rush were disastrous. Rush has 22 million listeners, he offended all of us with those comments and apologizing a day later just made him look weak.

"Steele has an additional problem: he now looks like a nincompoop."--That about sums it up.

I hope Steele can get his act together and restore faith and confidence. And as this guy points out, do what an RNC chairman is actually supposed to be doing.

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