Thursday, March 05, 2009

Do Abortionists Lack a Conscience?

Hialeah abortion clinic denies throwing newborn away after botched procedure
An excerpt:
A Hialeah abortion clinic owner's lawyer this afternoon said his client will plead not guilty to accusations she delivered a live baby during a botched procedure and then threw the infant away.

Its sad that we've gotten to the place in society that life is so worthless that babies are discarded in trash bins. How could anyone with a conscience be capable of this?

Kansas late-term abortionist to face trial
An excerpt:
A judge on Wednesday refused to dismiss the criminal case against Kansas late-term abortionist George Tiller, who has been accused of violating the state’s late-term abortion law.

There is a reason Tiller has been called the baby killer. He still performs late term abortions with seemingly no reservations. Even after the partial birth abortion ban was passed he kept right on going. It looks like he may finally be brought to justice.

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