Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Wednesday Smorgasbord!

1) Senator Jim DeMint nails it in his article on rebuilding the conservative majority.

2) Sarah Palin is a GOP Superstar!

3) The Face of Grace! A powerful story from a soldier on the ground in Iraq. Here is an excerpt:
While standing guard, Luke noticed a woman approaching from behind and cautiously turned in her direction, his rifle at the ready.

“An interpreter told our son it was OK – the woman just wanted to touch a soldier. Still uneasy, Luke stood still while the woman reached out her hand and touched his face, tears in her eyes.

“Looking to the interpreter for meaning, our son was told that the woman simply ‘wanted to touch the face of grace.’ It seems this trembling woman, like most of the people in her town, looked upon our soldiers as angels of grace, sent by God to protect her from the violence and oppression her people had come to know up to then. Learning this, our son squeezed and kissed the woman’s hand, and she left, weeping.

“The ‘face of grace.’ How many of us, safe at home debating the politics of the war on terror, have ever seen our soldiers in such a light? How many of us have even read such an uplifting newspaper account of our soldiers?

“People like this woman, having suffered years of oppression and fear, have eyes and a heart to see this, and the desire to “‘touch the face of grace.’ Do we have the ability to see our soldiers in the same way? And not merely our soldiers: Can we see the ‘face of grace’ in the police who protect us in every town, day and night? Or in the fire and rescue teams who are ‘soldiers’ in their own right?

4) Bipartisanship: For the common good? David Limbaugh is spot on, as usual.

5) Genius, Thy Name is Obama Ann Coulter also has a new book coming out about the media's love affair with Obama. The title is, "Guilty: Liberal Victims And Their Assault On America". It is set to be released the first week of January 2009.

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