Thursday, November 06, 2008

The Silver Lining--Part 2

"We live in a beautiful country and I will remain proud of our country, proud of our citizens, proud of our military, and proud of our freedoms. We can continue to embrace what we love about our republic without supporting liberals who oppose our principles or those who attempt to restrict our rights.

Nothing a politician or a president can do will ever strip me of my optimism and faith in what our founding fathers inspired in me - belief in the fundamentals of our political system, belief in the right to dissent, belief in fighting for what we know is right and belief in a better future which I can create for myself despite them."--Conservative Belle

--You have to watch the above SNL video. It is Ben Affleck pretending to be Keith Olbermann. He makes Olbermann look like the hateful, vicious, irrational guy that he is.

--Traditional marriage is preserved in Florida, California and Arizona

--It looks like Coleman is going to beat Franken

--The Democrats did not get a 60 seat majority in the Senate

I've been so busy with election stuff that I haven't been able to visit a lot of bogs lately. So last night I got half way through my blogroll. I found some good posts that I'd like to link to:
--Marjorie Dannenfelser on Sarah Palin

--Advice From Sir Winston

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