Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Wednesday Smorgasbord

1) The Real Culprits in this Meltdown--Last night Bill O'Reilly had Tom Mcardle on his show from Investors Business Daily. I was impressed with Mcardle so I went to IBD and found the above editorial. It explains what caused the financial meltdown in the first place.

2) Palin Underestimated? I also found this editorial at IBD and they made some excellent points about Palin. I have literally been disgusted at how quickly those on our own side are so willing to throw our own under the bus. Here is an excerpt from their column that shows how ridiculous those people are:
"One weak outing with Couric doesn't negate the accomplishments and vision evident in Palin's State of the State address last January. Nor did it do justice the force of personality that Palin showed in her interviews this summer with IBD.

Three points of Palin's leadership do stand out as Big League.

First, she understands more than any of the candidates, including her running mate, that the key to strengthening America is through development of its own energy.

Before Palin came along, the state of Alaska was in a 30-year legislative deep freeze over how to get through a 1,712-mile natural gas pipeline to the Lower 48 states. The legislature was constantly on the cusp of passing a new bill, only to see it crash over corruption.

For two years Palin worked to sell a transparent new plan, negotiating not only with Canadian officials but with Alaskan lawmakers and voters to bring the first glimpse of energy security to the U.S.

Second, Palin has an intense knowledge of how oil booms create petro-tyrannies, having seen the corrupting influence of high prices on Alaska itself. In her Alaska speech, she outlined savings, transparency and legislative checks-and-balances to keep Alaska's flood of oil cash from turning the state into a frozen version of Hugo Chavez's Venezuela.

Does this matter? It sure does. With her extensive energy knowledge, Vice President Palin would have more perspective on how to deal with a post-Chavez Venezuela than any pundit or Council on Foreign Relations type. Why? Because she's already been there.

Third, Palin is sought out by states and even nations that want to emulate her achievements. Iceland's president sought her advice on how to develop his country's own newfound energy resources.

It all adds up to why Palin earned an 84% popularity rating in Alaska, while Pelosi in Washington is somewhere around 9%.

Palin's history shows a stronger executive record than either Barack Obama or Joe Biden. If that experience shows up in Thursday's debate, it won't likely be matched by her long-serving opponent or by the pundits who claim to know so much.

3) Democrats See the Pros and Cons of Letting Biden be Biden--Meanwhile, Biden the walking gaffe machine (who should've never been put on the ticket in the first place) doesn't get much attention, positive or negative. Palin gets a lot of attention because people are excited about her and its because of this that she upsets those on the other side. Whereas, no one cares what Biden is doing, so much isn't made about him one way or another. Sometimes, I wonder if he isn't purposely putting his foot in his mouth just to get his name in the news.

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