Sunday, October 05, 2008

Republicans at Gladfest!

Any time its an election year the kids and I usually march in a couple parades for different Republican candidates. This year we've done two and both of them have been for our Congressman Sam Graves. My two middle kids had other events this weekend so I snagged one of my oldest daughter's friends so I'd have three. The top picture is of her and her friend holding the Sam Graves banner. The second is of my youngest (cute boy) in front of the truck.

After the Gladfest parade, there was a BBQ meet and greet with Congressman Sam Graves. The picture above is a group of kids with Graves, including mine.

Later, last night I volunteered in the Republican booth at Gladfest. The weather was too nice for me to wear my new Sarah Palin shirt, so I wore my Palin button I got at the rally.

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