Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Missouri State Representative Jerry Nolte

I did a profile on Mike Gibbons about a week ago and said that I would be doing more in the series. This post on Jerry Nolte is profile #2.

Clay County is fortunate to have some great Republican Representatives. Since, I am stuck in the only area that is represented by a Democrat, I've adopted Doug Ervin as mine. I've talked about him many times on this blog and I've interviewed him on my radio show. Tim Flook also does an excellent job of representing the Liberty area and Jerry Nolte does a wonderful job representing the Gladstone area.

Yesterday, I had the privilege of also having Jerry Nolte on my radio show and we talked about the upcoming elections. One of the things that impresses me about all of these State Representatives is that they stay connected to the people in their district. In past years, I have done phone calls for different State Reps and I can't tell you how many times the people would mention that they had just had the Rep at their door. Some of these Republicans are in areas where there are more registered Democrats, yet many of them cross party lines to vote.

Nolte is a great example of staying connected. He has been walking non-stop, knocking on doors and getting to know the people and their needs in his district. This past Saturday, I took my boys and we knocked on doors for Nolte and got good responses everywhere we went.

Background & Experience:
--He is married to his wife Alicia and has 3 children
--He attends St. Charles Catholic Church
--He has been an Advertising Artist
--He also taught art at OakHill Day School
--He has represented the 33rd district in the Missouri House since 2004

The Gibbons profile talked about the many successes that the Republicans have had over the past four years. You would never know it from the merciless attacks by the KC Star and others. Yet, Nolte and the others have accomplished a lot.

Nolte's specific accomplishments:
--Passing new laws to curb illegal immigration
--Providing property tax relief
--Supporting legislation that helped create new jobs
--Enabled the Northland to get more money for education without raising taxes and helping the money to go directly to the classroom


Jerry Nolte's Voting Record
Nolte's House Website

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